[Estado Espanhol] Fraguas apela à solidariedade internacional | Fraguas Revive (Guadalajara)

Fraguas is a project which aims at the reconstruction of an ancient village in which the rural life is recovered and the depopulation suffered by the rural areas is tackled. We fight for a model of self-management, self-governance, ecology and self-sustenance.

Through land occupation -land belonging to the State- we fight for the recognition of the municipality of a town that was erased from the map in 1968, denied even to his former neighbors.

It is an open project, it needs people to continue. On May 25th, we were judged accused by an irresponsible Administration that, far from seeing the benefits of the project for the region, wants to imprison us and demolish the village.

The accusations are very serious: Crime against Territorial Planning, Damage to the Environment and Usurpation of the land, that was expropriated from its legitimate neighbors and we recover today from his hand.

The Administration recognized in the trial that they are seeking to give "an exemplary punishment" to avoid "a pull effect".

We are 6 defendants. We face 26 years in prison and a bail of € 30000 to finance the demolition of our project... Our crime? Repopulating and promoting rural life and trying to build an alternative and sustainable model of life, showing that it is possible. In the trial itself, the accusation of damage to the environment was dismantled: nothing accredited it, because we work from a deep respect to the environment.

But Fraguas is still in danger: the request of imprisonment and demolition of the village remains.

COME, SUPPORT AND SPREAD, Fraguas is an example of how the future of initiatives in rural areas is in danger.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FraguasRevive/

Email: fraguaspobladores [em] gmail [dot] com

Support account: IBAN: ES15 1491 0001 2430 0008 1648 BIC/SWIFT: TRIOESMMXXX Address: Triodos Bank, 5 José Echegaray, PC: 28232, Las Rozas, Madrid Name: Teresa Sanchez-Fayos

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