4º- Torture and prison experience of Anarchists in Iran

Meeting with a Revolutionary comrade in Shiraz
Since he is still in Iran, we will not refuse to publish any personal information
from a common comrade, I get acquainted with him, and I requested him for a face-to-face meeting to talk
But for such a meeting and escape from the intelligence forces of the Iranian regime, there was a need for an anti-intelligence operation
So, after he accepted the invitation to meet, I designed two different times and places; First time and place for the first meet, and second place and time for that if we could not meet in the first meet for any reason, we would meet each other in second place and time
(Azadi park in center of shiraz at 16:00)
I gave one of our photos to our common friend and asked him to send me a photo of himself because It was very important for me to easily identify each other
Then I sent the details of meeting to him, by our common friend
The person who arrived first at the point of meet should not be fixed in the same place; he must move
After seeing each other, we have to make eye contact
We will never get very close to each other
We have to make sure nobody is chasing us, so he should start walking and I will follow him away
after I made sure nobody chased him, I will touch my clothes a few times as a sign of warmth, then he must do, what I did
If there is any danger, the meet will be canceled and we will meet in the second place and time
The meeting was well done, but my forced escape from Shiraz to Tehran never allowed us to have a joint project
Abtin Parsa 2018/10/17

FONTE: http://asranarshism.com/1397/07/26/anarchist-154/


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